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Laboratorio de Medios e Interfases (LAMEIN)


We want to be a pioneer center in the way we link science and technology in Latin America.

Therefore, we seek to make innovative science urged by our curiosity and pursuit of human welfare, we protect the practical fruits of scientific research and actively try to transfer our inventions to society.

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In the Neuroscience area, we study the biomimetics of sensory systems, computational neuroscience, electrophysiology, the brain computer interface for control and treatment of Parkinson’s disease.

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Tissue engineering

We are focused on the assessment of new biomaterials and their utilization on innovative biomedical devices for tissue engineering applications.
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Biosensors and Microsystems

In this area, we work in the search of new transduction principles and the development of new sensors and systems for biomedical applications. The investigation area includes the development of new nanostructured sensors and microfluidic systems with integrated sensors.
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