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Instantaneous measurement of biomass in fermenters

Status: laboratory prototype.

The methods used in the Dielectric Spectroscopy is based in measure systems that use electrodes that work in high frecuencies to quantify the concentration of microorganisms in suspension. The use of this systems to quantify low concentrations presents limitations. Our technology presents a better correlation that 0.95 to a suspension of Sacharomices cereviseae.

Los métodos usados en la Espectroscopia Dieléctrica se basan en sistemas de medición empleando electrodos que operan a altas frecuencias para cuantificar la concentración de microorganismos en suspensiones. El uso de estos sistemas para cuantificar bajas concentraciones presenta limitaciones. Nuestra tecnología puede medir biomasa empleando un sensor inductivo, que emplea los principios de la teoría electromagnética, permitiendo cuantificar biomasa en bajas frecuencias. Los resultados muestran una correlación mejor que 0.95 para una suspensión de Sacharomices cereviseae.

Argentina patent pending (AR068908 A1)

Inventors: Gomez Sanchez, Felice C.J. and Aristizabal Botero William, O. G.

Procedure to estimate organoleptic parameters of animal tissue and device to carry out such procedure.

Status: laboratory prototype and testing in the meat industry

Using electrical measurements, it is possible to measure the tenderness of a vaccine meat inside a refrigeration unit, quickly and simply. This replaces organoleptic measurements panels, than are much slower and expensive to perform. The test that we have made in the meat industry, relating impedance measurements with organoleptic hardness, were succesfull.

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Argentine patent (AR P060104121)

Inventors: Politti J., Puglissi L.J. and Felice C.J.

Contractile unit for metal mechanical assistance, coupling module and a gauntlet that uses the unit.

Status: laboratory prototype.

It basically consists on a technology with shape memory wires, which can be applied in the design and construction of active orthosis. For example, a possible aplications is a device to excercise a pacient in a independently form, to try to maintain and encourage muscle function.

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Argentine patent (2005)

Inventors: Treo E.F. and Felice C.J.

Device to measuring continuously and instantly the blood hematocrit.

Status: laboratory prototype.

This technology protect the fundamentals to measure the hematocrit instantly. The velocity is its great advantage, as for example, in a emergency service, where obtain a blood sample, send to the laboratory, centrifuge it, measure the hematocrit and inform, delay too long. With our technique could be placed a couple of electrodes to the patient, and have the hematocrit in seconds. Foul yet develop practical applications because the technology was tested only in isolated blood samples.

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