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Job opportunity: For repatriated argentineans in the area of ​​Tissue Engineering

We seek a researcher with a doctoral level specializing in Tissue Engineering. It is not exclusive but preferred, that such person had oriented his or her prior researches to technological aspects of the construction of scaffolds (3D printing, electrospinning). The return to the country through the program “Raices del Ministerio de Ciencia y Tecnología e Innovación Productiva de Argentina” . The workplace (LAMEIN) is part of the UNT and CONICET, the work environment is nice, very interdisciplinary, and which is growing both scientifically and technologically. The LAMEIN is in the Herrera Campus of the UNT, 2 km from the center of San Miguel de Tucumán. The campus is densely wooded; there are cafés and restaurants, and almost all Faculties have courses in this facility.

Contact: Carmelo José Felice PhD.