Graduate course: Introduction to evaluation of biomaterials

Evaluation of biomaterials is a compulsory step during development of new biomaterial-based technologies. Therefore, in this course we offer a theoretical and experimental approach to different stages of biomaterials assessment, beginning with biomaterial technology design up to performing early phases of in vivo characterization.

Schedule: 11/10/2014 to 11/14/2014.
                  Theory 8-12 hs – Laboratory: 14-18 hs.
                  40 hs (Theory) + 60 hs (Laboratory).
Location: FACET – Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Tecnología – UNT (Av. Independencia 1800 – S. M. de Tucumán, Tucumán, Argentina).
Fees: Theory: ARS$ 1000
          Theory+Practice: ARS$ 2000.
Pre-Registration: 09/15/2014 to 10/15/2014.
Registration: 10/16/2014 to 11/07/2014.
Contact email: evaluacionbiomaterial@gmail.comPhone: +54-381-4364120.




  • Introduction to evaluation of biomaterials.
  • Experimental design from a qualitative perspective.
  • Introduction to biomaterials.
  • Physical and Chemical characterization of biomaterials.
  • In vivo and in vitro characterization of biomaterials.
  • Experimental animals.
  • Angiogenesis evaluation: New experimental models.
  • Technology transference.
  • Laboratory: Preparation of biomaterials; physical and chemical characterization; in vivo assessment

Introduction to evaluation of biomaterials