Graduate course: Bioimpedance

This course presents actualized information about the state of the art of bioimpedance, offering a global overview of the latest developments in models, aplications and technologies associated to impedance spectrocospy of media and interfaces in biological and non-biological suspensions. In general, the course is designed from an interdisciplinary point of view, in particular, from the bioengineering point of view.

Schedule: 11/17/2014 to 11/21/2014.
                  Theory 8-10 hs – Practice: 15-18 hs.
                  60 hs (20hs Theory + 40hs Practice).
Location: FACET – Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Tecnología – UNT (Av. Independencia 1800 – S. M. de Tucumán, Tucumán, Argentina).
Fees:  ARS$ 800.
           Limited places.
Pre-Registration: 10/15/2014 to 11/07/2014.
Registration: 11/10/2014 to 11/14/2014.
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  • Impedance Measurement.
    • Bioimpedance: definition.
    • Bipolar impedance.
    • Dielectric properties.
    • Z of non-linear systems.
    • Graphics of complex plane.
    • Kramers-Kronig transform.
  • The electrode/electrolyte interface.
    • Impedance of electrode/electrolyte interface (ZIEE).
    • ZIEE in bioengineering. ZIEE in electrochemical.
    • Fractals and ZIEE.
    • Linear and nonlinear behavior of a ZIEE.
    • Microscopy of interface. Scanning Electrochemical Potential Microscopy.
  • Medium impedance.
    • Medium impedance of inter-electrode.
    • Z-e relationship: Equations
    • Dielectric properties of the biological material: Dispersion.
    • Mathematical models. Schwan, Fricke, Grosse.
    • Dielectric properties of human tissues.
  • Measurement technology.
    • Measurement techniques.
    • Bipolar, tripolar and tetrapolar methods.
    • Bridge methods, resonant, self-balanced bridge, I-V, network analysis, time domain networks.
    • Impedance analyzer mono-frequency by correlation.
    • Impedance analyzer nonlinear (SOLARTON 1250).
    • Dielectric spectroscopy in the time domain.
    • Microwave tomography.
    • Impedance measurement in biological materials.

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