Paper: A Simplified Empirical Modeling of Electrophysiological Activity in a Bundle of Myelinated Nerve Fibers

Álvaro G. Pizá, Fernando D. Farfán, Ana L. Albarracín, Facundo A. Lucianna, Jorge H. Soletta, Carmelo J. Felice
IEEE Latin America Transactions. 2016. doi: 10.1109/TLA.2016.7587640


In vivo or in vitro electrophysiological characterization is a standard procedure to know specific aspects of the sensory and motor fibers conduction. In this work we propose a simplified empirical modeling that can predict the electrical activity evocated in a nerve by different experimental conditions. This approach includes physical and chemical concepts about the generation and propagation of myelin fiber action potentials, volume conduction and medium bioelectric properties; this was implemented by using simple qualitative parameters. The validation included the qualitative analysis of compound action potentials (CAPs) obtained from frog sciatic nerve in different experimental conditions and CAPs recordings obtained from infraorbital nerve in rats. The results reveal an adequate model fit to the CAPs waveform experimentally obtained. The intuitive parameters used in our approach facilitate the implementation and results interpretation, at the same time that provides versatility and robustness.

Avalaible in: IEEE Xplore