The LAMEIN was created in November 23rd, 2007 by Carmelo José Felice, PhD., as an extension of the Department of Bioengineering (DBI). The DBI is a pioneering figure in Latin American bioengineering and was founded in 1972 by Máximo Eugenio Valentinuzzi, PhD. The LAMEIN is part of the Instituto Superior de Investigaciones Biológicas (INSIBIO)CONICET and of the Universidad Nacional de Tucumán (UNT).

The initial group of researchers and fellows of LAMEIN consisted in Rossana Elena Madrid, PhD., Fernando Farfán, PhD., Ernesto Federico Treo, PhD. and Gabriel Ruiz, PhD. In november 2012, Andrea Rodriguez, PhD., repatriated from Japan, was also incorporated. And in 2013, Ana Lia Alabarra, PhD., specialist in neuroscience and disciple of Emilio E. Decima, M.D., became one of the LAMEIN researchers.