Tissue engineering

Principal Researcher

Andrea P. Rodríguez, PhD.

Assoc. Prof. UNT
Assoc. Resear. CONICET

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Ing. Sanchez
M. Alejandra Sanchez, PhD.

Assis. Prof. UNT
Post-Doctoral Fellow

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A. Paula Moreno Madrid

PhD student

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Leila A. Nasrallah

PhD student

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Gabriela Rodriguez

PhD student

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M. Cecilia Socci

PhD student

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Tissue engineering is the use of cells, engineering and suitable biochemical and physico-chemical factors to improve or replace biological functions. Particularly, our group is focused on the assessment of new biomaterials and their utilization on innovative biomedical devices for tissue engineering applications.

Microscopy image
Left: Mineralization assessment on particles with Alizarin Red. Right: Electrospun mat for bone tissue engineering

Up to date our group has been working mainly on new bioactive coatings for titanium dental implants and on scaffolds for bone regeneration, using nanostructured ZnO as a novel biomaterial for their manufacture and electrospinning as the technique for their fabrication. Recently, the above mentioned studies were complemented with the development in our lab of 3D-Reconstruction software which intends to be used for recreation of bone defects, using ordinary computed tomography images.

Betiana working
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  • Development and consolidation of scientific and technological skills on environment and competitive production as priority areas. PRH#30 AGNPCyT PRH 2007.
  • Cytotoxic effects of ZnO on stem cells during cell proliferation and differentiation. PICT 2009-0087 Préstamo BID.

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