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Licensed Technology


Quantibac® (Patent: US 20040009572 A1)
Inventors: Felice C.J. and Madrid R.E.
Quantibac® is a computer-based equipment, used to detect and quantify microorganisms of various origins (clinical, industrial, research). Tecnovinc SRL owns the exclusive license of the Quantibac® technology and presently commercializes it.

Argentine patents available for licensing

These patents available for marketing are exclusively for Argentina. The patent holders are the Universidad Nacional de Tucumán (UNT), and the Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas (CONICET).

Contact:; Phone: 54-381-4364120.

Patente 1

Argentine patent AR P060104121 (09/20/2006).
Inventors: Politti J., Puglissi L.J. and Felice C.J.
Contractile unit for metal mechanical assistance, coupling module and a gauntlet that uses the unit.
Status: laboratory prototype.

Patente 2

Argentine patent AR62961 (09/24/2007).
Inventors: Treo E.F. and Felice C.J.
Procedure for the dielectric characterization and monitoring of nonlinear systems carried out in a sample and device to carry out such procedure.
Status: laboratory prototype.

Patente 3

Argentine patent pending AR068908 A1 (10/17/2008).
Inventors: Gomez Sanchez, Felice C.J. and Aristizabal Botero William, O. G.
Procedure to estimate organoleptic parameters of animal tissue and device to carry out such procedure.
Status: laboratory prototype and testing in the meat industry

Patente 4

Argentine patent (2005).
Inventors: Treo E.F. and Felice C.J.
Device to continuously and instantly measure the blood hematocrit.
Status: laboratory prototype.

Available technologies not protected by patents

In this section, we include developments with no patent but suitable for sale in a competitive market. No similar technologies are currently available on the market, which would be a competitive advantage.

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